Funnel Cake

Making lead management easy as cake!

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Bot Interaction

Funnel Cake can respond to several requests.

Ask Funnel Cake to create a new contact.

You can be verbose:

You can be terse:

Funnel Cake does not mind if you are terse and will create a new contact for you.

You can also ask Funnel Cake to update a contact.

Funnel Cake can also find a contact for you and provide the same response as the triggered messages from InfusionSoft.

How it works

Post a message to Funnel Cake from InfusionSoft.
Funnel Cake will send a message to your Slack channel.
Add notes, move opportunity stages, apply tags in InfusionSoft without every leaving Slack!

Slash Commands

Funnel Cake supports several slash commands.

Search for contact:

/funnelcake contact [search term]

Currently only supports search by email.

/funnelcake contact

Posts a contact message in Slack:

Create Slack channels:

/funnelcake create_channels

Automatically creates slack channels based on the list you provide in the "Advanced Settings" of your account.

The true power of InfusionSoft in Slack is having different channels for each of your opportunity stages.
By default Funnel Cake reads your opportunity stages from InfusionSoft to use as templates for the channels, but also gives you final control over the name.
(Note : Slack has some restrictions on channel names, so your default stages may NOT work.)
You can also specify whether to create a channel per InfusionSoft user.

Warning : If you have a lot of stages and a lot of users, a lot of channels will be created and they cannot be automatically deleted.

Automatically creates channels in Slack:

Invite users to Slack channels:

/funnelcake invite_to_channels @paul paul

/funnelcake invite_to_channels @paul all_channels

Automatically invites a user to either the channels created for them or to all channels.

Once your channels have been created you need to invite your users to them. Funnel Cake make this easy by providing you an easy way to loop through all channels and invite your Slack users.

Automatically invites users to channels in Slack:


Funnel Cake© integrates your InfusionSoft© application with Slack© allowing you to add notes, update opportunity stages, and apply tags.

Stop jumping back and forth between InfusionSoft© and Slack©, let Funnel Cake© do the work so you can focus on your customers.